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I was a woman who struggled with hormonal issues, insulin resistance, lack of periods, acne, weight gain, excessive hair loss, lack of sleep, extreme fatigue, chronic stress and anxiety.

I was confused, tired and so disappointed!

It took me so long to finally be diagnosed with PCOS and the only advice I’ve got was to lose weight and to take a contraceptive pill for the rest of my life. I was a woman who didn’t know how to improve my physical health, emotional state and low mood.

But I didn’t want to live that way. I wanted to be a woman full of energy, feel beautiful and to be happy again! So I went on this journey to solve my problems, because I believe that we have the power to transform our lives.

I made so many mistakes, I went from one extreme to another. From restrictive eating to binge-eating, from vegan to keto diet, from no movement at all to extreme workouts. Nothing seemed to work… Until I found the right balance and connection between my emotions and my body.

I finally understood that if I want long lasting changes I have to change my mindset. And let me tell you girl, it is not easy, but it is possible! Trust me it is worth the work. Because now I am a women full of life, confidence and joy! And I want to share this with you!


Now I am able to manage my PCOS, but it wasn’t always that way… 

I graduated in Psychology and Mental Health and I wrote my master thesis on “Psychological Treatments for PCOS patients”.  This is how passionate I am about PCOS.

I am also Certified Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor and I create balanced training for my PCOS clients. I teach meditation, relaxation and breathwork to help women cope with their stress and emotional responses.

I know how important it is to listen to our bodies and our minds. How strong a connection there is between our physiology, our emotions and feelings.

To help you understand what is going on inside of your body and in your mind I created PSYCHO-EMOTIONAL PCOS PROGRAM that will give you knowledge, tools and techniques to help you achieve hormonal balance and optimal health.

"Making women aware of psychological aspects of PCOS and helping them regain physical, mental and emotional well-being is my mission.''

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